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Plants vs Zombies Home

Plants vs zombies is a one of the most popular tower defense and highly rated video game. Published and originally Developed by PopCap Games Microsoft Windows OS X, it is also published for PlayStation network and Xbox arcade versions. It was released on May 5, 2009, and made available on Steam on the same day. Since then people enjoy and love playing the game so much that it has been nominated as “Outstanding Achievement in Game Design” and “Casual Game of the Year”. Plant vs Zombies was also recognized for being ‘Best games of 2009’.

Plants vs Zombies is a humorous riff on tower defense strategy games, you must save your house from zombies who want to invade your happy home and you will do it by planting plants at strategic places in your backyard. Defending your lawn from zombies are the best part and highlights of the game. it was such a fun surviving and defending your lawn all throughout the end of the zombie waves. If you don’t– the zombies will eat your brain!!

Plants vs Zombies Brains

Plants vs Zombies is fantasy game condemning mild violence in a fair amount. Shooting peas from attacking zombies and making them loose a limb is brutality but that is done is a silly, campy manner in the designs and objective of the game. Preventing zombies from entering your home and eat your brains is incredibly fun and enjoyable.

The game was constructed in the middle of a typical zombie apocalypse, but in exaggerating to a cartoon fever pitch design. In the game, you’ll face zombies wearing their regular suit, there is also zombies in football gear, zombies on pogo sticks, pole-vaulting zombies, and many more. The undead hordes are on the march – starving, and your backyard is just standing in the front doorway, covered with fresh fertilized topsoil. Playing the part of a home-owner, is the character of every player so by planting various types of seeds, you can raise a crop of warrior vegetation that will defend your brains from the imminent devouring. Go defend your lawn!

Plants vs Zombies Wave

This adventure pc game falls into the category of being simple to learn, but challenging to master. It is addicting and many players approved it. George Fan the Director of the game intended on balancing the game between a “sickeningly cute” and “gritty” game. It appeals to be strong, because of strategic elements were included for more experienced and professional gamers, but still keeping it simple to appeal to casual gamers, without many tutorials. And the kids love it and adults too!

Without a doubt, this game is one of the defining adventurous casual games of this generation. If you’re a fan of Insaniquarium or Farm Frenzy, this is much easier and simple but there is enough quirky appeal in its title to seduce practically anyone. Following a goofy idea to ridiculous extremes can be a winning proposition, PopCap can proves that. Plants vs. Zombie is uniquely original can’t be cloned by anyone, because of its unique force of personality.

It is highly recommended, Plants can save you from zombie eating brains. Download and play Plants vs Zombies game for free on PC today!