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The Most Annoying Zombies To Deal With In Plants vs Zombies

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One of the most challenging things about Plants vs Zombies is that you get to deal with many different and unique zombies in the game. They’re not just your regular undead creature that is after human brains, as some of them possess unique skills and abilities, or have great armor. One example is the Buckethead zombie, which is just a zombie that wears a metal bucket on his head. The problem with this zombie is that the metal bucket serves as armor, giving the creature increased durability, making it harder to take him down.

Most Annoying Zombies in Plants vs Zombies

You’d likely need to have at least 2 pea shooters on the lane to be able to take him down properly without getting too close. But the Buckethead zombie is just one of many zombies that you will encounter in this game. This makes for an interesting question, who are the most annoying zombies to deal with in Plants vs Zombies? Let’s see the answers in this article and see why they are annoying.

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1. Gargantuar

The most annoying zombie to deal with in Plants vs Zombies will have to be the Gargantuar. This is because this zombie has the most health among all zombies other than the final boss, which makes it very hard to kill them. You will need to use 2 instant kill plants just to take it down quickly or let it reach the lawnmower. On top of that, it can also instantly crush plants, so once it gets close and you don’t have a lawnmower, pool cleaner, or roof cleaner, it’s game over.

2. Football Zombie

Another zombie that is annoying to deal with is the Football zombie because of its high health as well. It’s not as tough as the Gargantuar, but it’s the second-toughest one in the game. You will need to have a good strategy that combines protection and firepower to properly deal with these monsters without losing a lawnmower. The only good thing about these zombies is that instant kill plants can deal with them or the Magnet Shroom can take away the protection.

Plants vs Zombies Football Zombie

The Football Zombie


3. Zomboni

This is another annoying zombie to encounter in the game because of its strong power life. . It’s a zombie that is riding a zomboni and leaves an ice trail behind. The annoying thing about these zombies is that they will crush the plants in its path so destroying them as soon as possible is crucial. An instant kill plant can do the trick.

4. Bungee Zombie

This zombie is annoying not because it has the highest health or can deal high damage. They are annoying because they will randomly steal a plant or drop a zombie at a close distance. This zombie can really ruin your strategy unless you provide the proper protection for your plants. Killing them is also not that easy unless you properly time a Cherry Bomb or Jalapeno to explode before they can leave. You can also use the aid of an umbrella leaf to prevent them from taking a plant.

5. Digger Zombie

This is a zombie that would dig through the ground and resurfaces on the left side and will easily eat through your defensive plants from behind making it a very annoying zombie to deal with. The Split Pea, Gloom-shroom, Starfruit, and Potato Mine can help deal with this creature. A Magnet Shroom will also prevent it from digging through, making it just a regular zombie.