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The Best Plants To Use In Plants vs Zombies

Creating the perfect strategy to use in certain levels of Plants vs Zombies will require that you use the right plants for that level. This is because not all plants are the same, as each one of them will have specific abilities that will make them useful in certain situations. Like the Magnet Shroom being useful in levels where many zombies use metal equipment, so the magnet can cancel that out.

Or using the Umbrella Leaf on levels where there’s Bungee Zombie to protect your plants from being taken. Though all plants are useful, especially in certain situations, there are still plants that would stand out and can be useful at almost any level. 

Plants vs Zombies Main Screen


The Best Plants to Use in Plants vs Zombies

Let’s discuss in this article what are the best plants that you can use in Plants vs Zombies.

Giant Sunflower

This is already very obvious since you will always need sunflowers  to produce the sun.  The Giant Sunflower is the best one among all the sunflowers because it can produce 50 suns while only costing 50 suns to place. Yes the Twin Sunflower can produce more but it also costs more at 150 suns, so you’ll be slower in putting them down.

Winter Melon

The Winter Melon is also another good all-around plant since it does massive damage to a small area and even slows down the enemy, which makes up for its very slow fire rate. It does cost a lot of suns to place them (200 suns), but it’s worth it to have.


This is another good plant to use at almost any level. It’s a plant that can attack any lane but will usually target the zombies that are already getting close. The great thing about cattails is that they can also pop balloons so they’re very useful. They do cost 225 suns, but that’s cheap considering what this plant can do.

Plants vs Zombies Start Fruit

The Starfruit



This is a plant that is capable of attacking multiple directions because it shoots from all its 5 points. This will allow you to prepare for zombies like the Bungee zombie, which can land in any lane, and the Digger zombie, which attacks from the back. It also only costs 125 suns so they’re easy to produce.


It’s a great plant that will usually instantly kill most zombie attackers. When you place it on the field, it will instantly attack the first zombie that gets near it. It also costs only 50 suns so they’re very easy to use. Even if they’re used only once, they’re a great addition, especially early on when you’re using most of your sins to place the Giant Sunflower.